The Night BeFULLERTON Christmas

When the Tribe Tribune staff was planning our holiday issue, we considered writing an informative feature about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and all those culturally diverse holidays. We soon realized we were no experts and were probably going to offend someone. In our initial research, however, we encountered this pretty cool Icelandic Christmas legend about these naughty half-trolls. Half-trolls, okay. We’re probably safe from offending anyone.

Here are the Yule Lads pictured with their parents and cat. The Yule Lads include Sheep-Harasser, Gully Gawk, Stubby, Spoon-licker, Pot-Licker, Bowl-Licker, Door-slammer, Yogurt-Gobbler, Sausage Swiper, Window-Peeper, Doorway-Sniffer, Meat-hook, and Candle-Stealer.









Who are the Yule Lads?
The Yule Lads are a group of trolls who sometimes leave Christmas gifts, but also annoy households with mischief and petty theft. In the thirteen days before Christmas, each half-troll visits Icelandic children. The Yule Lads put toys in the shoes of good children; they put raw potatoes in the shoes of bad children.

Gully Gawk, known for stealing cows milk, tries to trick his target. Photo illustration by Nathan Smith.

The Window-Peeper attempts to steal some of teacher Mike Muhovich’s hair. Photo illustration by Nathan Smith.

















































Bowl-Licker and Spoon-Licker caught in some Yule Lad mischief. Photo illustration by Cyrus Burton.