Band prepares for “Dreamzzz”


Jamie Ma, Lifestyle/Student Life editor

For the FUHS marching band, work doesn’t begin in the fall- it starts in the summer. From July 27 to Aug. 10 the band attended camp under the leadership of Drum Major senior Hayden Harkins and Assistant Drum Major junior Katie Trimble.

The purpose of each camp is to learn basic marching band skills, while preparing for the competitive season ahead.   

“If we aren’t focused at camp, if we’re not productive now, we won’t be productive later. If you try harder at the beginning, we’ll do better at the end,” Trimble said.

The new field show, entitled “Dreamzzz,” is a show of three movements.

“The first movement is you falling into unconsciousness. The second is a ballad; you’re asleep [and] it’s slow. It gets grand, like magical things you’re dreaming of. Then we go into a nightmare,” Harkins said.

Last season, the band was two points away from competing in the California State Band Championships with their show “Imprints.”

“We’re going to improve our score with visuals and complicated aspects. We’re striving for finals,” Trimble said.

The band doesn’t stop at camp; they continue to work seven hours a week after school.

“If you practice mediocre, it’s impossible to not play mediocre,” Harkins said. “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”