Girls water polo: setting and scoring goals


The team huddled around before their game. Photo courtesy of Karl Zener.

The girls water polo team (9-3) goes into League with a first place finish in the Nogale Tournament, held at Glendora High on Jan. 6.  

The team won the tournament the previous year, so the pressure in defending the title has fueled the team to strive towards their goal of becoming champions yet again.

Going into the tournament, varsity captain senior Kaya Ortega felt confident, but didn’t let it get to her head.

“We really made an effort to stay level headed while playing and tried to stay away from getting too full of ourselves,” Ortega said.

The Indians made it to the championship game against Glendora High (8-2). When both teams were neck and neck on the scoreboard, the Tribe won (11-10) with senior Jacque Perez’s game-winning goal.

“I felt happy that I could help my team,” Perez said. “It’s a great feeling knowing that I scored the winning goal.”

 After the confidence boost from the Nogale Tournament last weekend, the team is practicing hard in preparation for League. Sophomore Sophie Zener has seen the impact that practice has had on the team.

“The hard work is definitely showing in games, so all the early mornings have paid off,” said Zener.

As League approaches, junior Erica Barton looks forward to the beginning of the league season.

“After winning this [Nogale] tournament our team is really confident that we can be League champions and defeat Troy’s seven-year League champion streak,” Barton said.

One thing that has helped establish deep bonds among the team and tie them together has been the friendly competition between the girls’ and guys’ water polo teams.  

“We don’t like to compete with the boys team; they compete with us,” Ortega said.

Another defining factor of the team has been the relationship with their team captain.  Junior Emmy Yzguerra enjoys her bond with Ortega.

“Our team captain, Kaya [Ortega], is so supportive and talented,” Yzguerra said. “I’m happy to have her as our captain.”

Come watch the girl’s first League game on the road at Sunny Hills High to compete with Sonora High (4-12) today at 7:30 p.m.