Out with the old, in with the new: FUHS new track


Gillian Hodgden, Staff Writer

After a month of construction, FUHS now has a brand new rubberized track with permanent lane markings and two new jumping pits.

Previously a dirt track, the new track will help our runners go faster and will prevent muscle strain. Sophomore distance runner Gwen Gonzalez feels the new track will be better for the runners shoes and muscles.

“When there was a dirt track, there would be dust and little rocks that would get stuck in our shoes. With the new track, which is more comfortable, it will prevent injury and there will be a lot less strain on our legs,” Gonzalez said.

Senior Shyanne Carrigan explains why she believes that the new track texture benefits her running times.

“The new track will have a better grip and will help runners get better times on the track than before because they have a strong grip on the track with their spikes,” Carrigan said.

With this new track, FUHS runners will be able to train, rain or shine. Sophomore sprinter Rosemary Kehoe describes why the all-weather track benefits the team.

“The new track will allow us to practice and compete in all types of weather,” Kehoe said. “The material of the track will help us put more energy into our strides and allow us to run faster.”

The new jumping pits for long and triple jumpers provide a rubberized running pad for increased speed and new sand pits for softer landings on the jumpers’ legs.

Junior jumper Boaz Yousling explains why the new jumping pits will help him and other jumpers perform at their best.

“The new rubber material will allow the jumpers to have more spring in their step and will lead to them having a better performance,” Yousling said. “I’m hoping to beat my [personal record] from last year, and with the new jumping pits that will hopefully happen.”

Kehoe describes the benefits of a rubberized track that go beyond high school. “Being familiar with a professional track will be useful to a lot of athletes who plan on continuing with track in college,” Kehoe said.

Sprinters, distance runners, and jumpers alike are waiting impatiently for track season to begin!