Basketball’s “Pit Crew” brings new sense of school spirit


The Pit Crew brings energy to the team. Photo courtesy of Judy Wheeler.

Megan Kim, Staff Writer

The student section at boys’ basketball games, now familiarly known as the “Pit Crew”, was created by basketball this year in hopes of promoting more student support at games. They offered students shirts in exchange for a promisean oath to attend all six home games and support the team.

Every team needs a leader, and the Pit Crew’s leader is the ‘Crew Chief’, who leads the Pit Crew in cheers, chants, and controls the student section during games. Senior Travis Plante was selected to be this year’s Crew Chief.

“[My duty as Crew Chief is] trying to keep the student section as loud as they possibly can, [and] trying to keep the game exciting for everyone,” Plante said.

Crew members are expected to listen to the Crew Chief, showing school spirit and excitement.

“I expect [my crew members] to all participate in the chants that we do, and if we have themes, I expect them to participate in that as well,” Plante said.

As a player on the basketball team, junior William Hollon also has expectations for the Pit Crew.

“I just expect them to cheer, really, nothing less,” Hollon said.

Senior Claire Wright, a Pit Crew member, is excited about the attendance the Pit Crew has brought to basketball games.

“I remember when I was a freshman, the basketball games were crazy. They got so out of hand, [because] the student section was insane, but my sophomore and junior year, no one went,” Wright said. “This year, a lot of people go to games, even the away games.”

The Pit Crew is not only exciting for its members, but for the players as well.

“In past years, we haven’t had much of a crowd, and with the Pit Crew, it really gives us a good atmosphere and it’s just always good to have supporters and know that they’re there, and you can hear them,” Hollon said

Junior basketball player Zachary “Bubba” Perez feels that the Pit Crew motivates players to exert all of their energy into games.

“[Having the Pit Crew at games adds] intensity and the will to fight for something, because we don’t want to disappoint them,” Perez said. “They’re just a really big asset, and they give us more confidence.”

Through the Pit Crew, the basketball team has experienced an influx of student support that hasn’t been seen in past years.

Anyone can join the Pit Crew, so come out tonight and support the boys at their home game against La Habra at 7:30 p.m.